Online Guitar Lesson with Jason Wilber via Skype
(60 minute lesson)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my lesson last? Each lesson is 60 minutes. They usually run a few minutes longer, so please allow time in your schedule.

When will my lesson happen? How does scheduling work? I will contact you by email after you complete your purchase to arrange a mutually convenient lesson time, and to discuss what you'd like to learn and work on during your lesson.

What is the lesson content? What will I learn? These are private, one-on-one lessons. So we can work on anything you want! Chords, scales, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, licks, songwriting, learning specific songs, slide guitar, tones, gear. It's really up to you. The content of your lesson will be based on whatever you would like to learn. We'll have a preliminary discussion ahead of time, before the day of your lesson, so I can find out more about you and what you want to get out of your lesson.

Are these lessons for all skill levels? Yes, absolutely. These lessons are open to guitarists of any ability level, from beginning to advanced. Your lesson will be tailored specifically to your ability level and the skills you want to work on.

Can I purchase lessons as a gift for someone else? Yes, lessons make a great gift!

Do the lessons expire? How soon after purchasing do they have to be scheduled? Purchased lessons are good until used and they do not expire.

What if I'm in a different time zone than you? We'll confirm our respective time zones when scheduling your lesson. My time zone is normally Eastern USA, unless I'm traveling. But not to worry, that will all be taken into consideration when we set up a time for you.

What is Skype and how does it work? Skype is a free software application that allows you to communicate by audio and video over the internet. It's basically a free video phone. It's easy to setup and use. You can find out all about it at:

What if I've never used Skype before? Skype is easy to use, but I do recommend that you download it and try it out a few times before your lesson. You'll get a lot more out of the experience if you are already familiar with the Skype user interface and aren't being distracted by it during your lesson.

Why not offer lessons in person? Why use Skype? I do teach some private lessons in person, schedules permitting. However, online lessons offer much more flexibility since we don't have to be in the same town, state, or even country. Since I travel a lot for gigs, trying to scheduling time in person can be tricky. I have been taking lessons from a vocal coach via Skype for the last couple of years and have found it to be very effective, and super convenient! So it occurred to me that I could offer guitar lessons the same way.

Are lesson fees refundable? No, lesson purchases are non-refundable, but they do not expire so you can use your lesson any time you choose.

Got a question not addressed here? Please contact me with any other questions or concerns you may have!

Online Guitar Lesson with Jason Wilber via Skype
(60 minute lesson)

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